Frequently Asked Questions

We are an online business with no physical location currently. However, we sell all over the USA to the Christian community.

We are mainly a Christian-based apparel and accessories store. Our products range from Bible-inspired t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, leggings, shorts, cups, mugs, flags, banners, and accessories.

When you create an account, you get immediate access to an online shopping cart. This virtual shopping cart works the same as an actual cart in collecting items you wish to purchase until checkout. So, simply browse through the e-store, and click order to purchase an item. Every time you order, you will be shown a ‘Your Shopping Cart’ screen where you can view your subtotal. Once you finish shopping, click ‘checkout’ and follow the easy steps from there onwards.

For your convenience, there is no order limit, and you can order as many or as little as one item.  

Once you submit an order request, we will email you a link to your provided email address. The link will contain a tracking code through which you will be able to track your order status.

It usually takes around 7-10 business days to deliver a product. However, the shipping and delivery process also depends upon the shipping company.

We only ship to US residents currently. However, we are working our way to including worldwide shipments.

We are sorry to hear you want to cancel your order. However, you can only cancel your order if the order has not been shipped at the time of your cancelation request. Once your order is shipped, we won’t be able to process your cancelation request.

We do everything in our power to proceed with the shipments. With that said, once your order is shipped, it solely depends upon the shipping company. However, our customer support representatives are one call away to check on unnecessary delays. Please call us at (302) 373-8785 for further queries.

We have a return policy under specific conditions. These include:

  • The item must have been purchased from our online store.
  • The item must not be damaged or broken in any way.
  • The item must be returned within 30 days of delivery.

We have different sizes available, which you can check while placing an order.

We accept exchanges under specific conditions. To view conditions, please review the question above regarding Refunds Policy.