About Us

Welcome to The Body of Christ

Founder of The Body of Christ, Kevin C Jones, harbored the idea of introducing a Christian-based product line for twenty years. But it was only now, after seeing the world changing and becoming darker, that Jones decided to launch his company.

As a Bible-inspired online company, we aim to inspire, encourage, promote hope, and remind us of God’s promises in The Body of Christ.

All our products, from customized hoodies, to t-shirts, leggings, throw pillows, backpacks, and more, come with inspirational Bible verses and quotes to lift your day and belief in the Word of God. We hope you can find the resilience, faith, hope, and awareness while using our items just like we did while creating them for you.

Happy Clients

  • “I’m so glad that TBOC is working for a better cause by donating to the homeless. Truly impressed.”
    Michael Dexter
  • “I bought a bunch of accessories from TBOC, including mugs and hats to gift to my friends. Everyone loved the verses and scriptures the items had.”
    Susan Ross
  • “I was feeling low, but shopping these inspiring t-shirts has uplifted my mood and faith. I feel closer to God when wearing shirts from TBOC.”
    Bruno Fernandez
  • "I love the mugs with Bible quotes on them, and even bought a set for my friends. Absolutely amazed by TBOC’s products.”
    John Middleton
  • "I ordered a pair of throw pillows from TBOC with Bible verses on them. Using these pillows gives me comfort that God is with me.”
    Laura McDonalds
  • “I truly admire the work TBOC is doing for the Christian community. I hope many will be inspired by them and their work.”